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Dram Shop Lawyers Can Help You

Dram shops are a legal turn for those establishments that serve alcohol and covers bars, pubs, restaurants, and other establishments. Every state has dram shop liability laws said an attorney fromĀ TEXAS LIQUOR LAW – Monshaugen & Van Huff that say that these establishments or dram shops are responsible if they serve alcohol to persons when they are already visibly intoxicated. The laws also cover the restriction of serving alcohol to Image result for lawyers who specialize in DUI casesminors and also preventing from sharing drinks that are served to adults.

In many cases, visibly drunk people commit a DUI offense, and can even cause accidents. In all such cases, as per dram shop laws, the establishment that has served the liquor can also be held liable and asked to pay compensation in cases of accidents and property damage or medical expenses resulting from the accident. That is why it makes sense for families of people involved in a drunk driving accident to find a dram shop lawyer who is conversant with the relevant laws and can obtain compensation for its victims.

It can also make sense for establishments that are covered under the dram shops regulations to clearly understand their responsibilities under the dram shop laws in the state where they operate and sensitize their employees about the need to keep within the bounds of the law. Establishments have been known to prevent visibly drunk patrons of their establishment from driving and even providing them the required transportation to prevent this.

Under dram shop laws, a person who is intoxicated is not held completely responsible for damages caused by any of his actions, and the establishment that has served the liquor that has led to the intoxication has to take responsibility as well. The laws are especially severe in cases where accidents are caused by people under the legal age, who have been served by the dram shops. In such cases, dram shop lawyers will prefer to go after the establishment that has served the liquor, rather than the person who has caused the accident. You will find lawyers who specialize in DUI cases who are also well conversant with dram shop laws and can then arrange for the maximum compensation by serving notices to the establishments that have served the liquor that has led to the accident.

As per these laws, minors who have been served liquor by establishments can also sue it for serving them drinks that have caused them to be involved in accidents. It is not only car accidents, but any damage caused by intoxicated persons that are also the liability of the dram shop.

The Significance Of Employee Benefits

While money is arguably what drive the business world, throwing cash at talented prospects does not suffice to bring many of them, especially the qualified ones, on board these days. In as much as every worker wants a good pay, most of them are keen on working where they get benefits. As such, attractive employee benefits play a pivotal role in enticing top talent, reducing employee turnover and supporting a comfortable and happier workplace.

Which Benefits Should Be Offered?

Image result for The Significance Of Employee Benefits In Attracting And Maintaining Qualified StaffsThe benefits that a company can offer its staff members vary from company to company. in most cases, the industry and specifics of the business influence which benefits to offer the employees.

For instance, a construction company should consider offering short-term disability insurance coves to its workers because of the risk of injuries. Another example would be businesses that have stressful work demands for the staff should offer the employees additional vacation time to allow them to disconnect from the demands of their professional life and unwind/distress.

Of the many benefits that companies can offer their workforce, the businesses that are worth their salt should put family insurance and retirement benefits plans at the top of the list of benefits for their workers.

Why Insurance Policies Takes Precedence

Life insurance and medical insurance are some of the policies that should have a top priority because they affect the health of the employee as well as his or her family. A company that makes a significant revenue should opt for private insurance than public health insurance because the former allows the staff members to pick the providers of their choice.

Moreover, the private insurance presents an avenue for receiving treatment, in most cases, quicker than with the public insurance. Other notable insurance benefits worth a mention include vision insurance, dental insurance, and drug coverage all of which are supplementary.

Do They Benefits Really Matter?

More and more businesses are looking into ways that they can cut expenses and some of the things they consider is cutting corners on workers’ benefits. As such, this has seen a rise in employ dissatisfaction and unwilling to work with many looking for better opportunity elsewhere. The result of this is companies having to spend more on recruitment and training of the new workers. Also, this reduces the chances of attracting qualified workers since they will prefer organizations or firms that offer better benefits.


Companies should exercise flexibility when it comes to offering benefits to workers. While limited benefits limit the chance of attracting the right talent, overstepping things by trying to be more progressive through offering more benefits than necessary can be detrimental. That said, the employee benefits package should have an inclusive medical, health, and injury insurance as well as other hard to find perks.